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RE/MAX 360


Have a loan with BofA? NOW IS THE TIME TO DO A SHORT SALE!

If you have a loan with BofA and owe more on your loan than your home is worth…DO NOT WAIT…CALL ME TODAY

(you’ll see why below)

Below is a partial screen-shot of an email that I recently received from Bank of America.



They are offering a MINIMUM of $5,000 paid to you, the short sale seller, at closing…and possibly as much as $20,000!

BUT…we only have about 6 weeks to get started.

Really, no kidding…if you have a Bank of America (Countrywide too) loan and are upside down…this is a great opportunity.

My direct # is 561-602-1258…if you reach my voicemail, leave me a message…or you can also send me a text to that number.


Thanks for reading…Steve Jackson


Think buying a bank-owned home is a good deal? Not so fast!

We have always counseled our clients that when buying a bank-owned home there are many pitfalls and caveats...but this Massachusetts court decision casts a very dark shadow on foreclosure sales:


 I see many buyers and investors flock to foreclosures because they think that's where the best deals are...but considering the above risk as well as the fact that some of the overall best deals are NOT bank-owned properties..we suggest that our clients consider other options that meet their investment/lifestyle criteria.

Please feel free to call me on my direct line at 561-602-1258 if you have any questions about the above court decision or would like to discuss your investment goals.

Thanks for reading...Steve

Lakeview Estates, Lake Worth Florida...foreclosure tracker

Lakeview Estates, Lake Worth Florida...foreclosure tracker
As of 4/1/10 there are 7 Lakeview Estates homes in some stage of foreclosure.
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